Find out everything about the breakfast bar. This versatile and filling bar is eaten a lot, for breakfast but also on the go.

The production possibilities

There are different flavors and options. There are several flavors that enrich the bar in shape and different structures to use, from a soft filling to crunchy details. On this page we are happy to take you through the flavors we have to offer thanks to our special techniques.

The Soft baked multigrain breakfast bar is available with a soft jam, chocolate filling, mixed with fruit pieces or filled with chocolate chunks.

Common applications are;

  • Apricot or strawberry jam filling
  • Mixed berries
  • Chocolate chunks

Discover all the possibilities

Want to know more about these flavors? Or do you have questions or suggestions about all of the possibilities? Feel free to contact us. Our experts are more than willing to explore the possibilities with you.

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