A lot has changed since 1861. In the world, but also at Hellema. The company started out as a small local family confectionary bakery growing into what we have today which is an international developer, a producer and supplier in the world of cookies, bars & bites. Still, one thing has always remained the same: we are still a Frisian family business maintaining a fast and flexible approach to product innovation. 

One-stop shop 

Hellema bakes cookies, biscuits and inbetweeners for the whole family, and for every moment of the day. We can make just about any cookie in the world, and we provide this service in over ninety countries all over the world. Upon request, but also to grasp market opportunities. See us as your reliable one-stop shop in the world of cookies.

Hellema’s history

We are very thankful that a 22 year-old Andele Hellema discovered that there wasn’t a lot of production of cookies and cakes in Friesland back in in 1861. And that we were the first to introduce Smoeltjes, our special children cookies, in 1996. We are proud of our history, and happy to share it.We zijn dankbaar dat een 22-jarige Andele Hellema in 1861 ontdekte dat koek en gebak maar weinig werden gemaakt, daar in het noorden van Friesland. En dat we in 1996 de eerste waren die, met Smoeltjes, koekjes introduceerden die speciaal gericht waren op kinderen. Wij zijn trots op onze geschiedenis en delen deze graag. 


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