What does Hellema do with sponsor requests? 

We frequently receive sponsor requests for free products or financial contributions. At Hellema, we have made the informed decision to limit ourselves to sponsoring local initiatives and supporting the food bank. Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests to sponsor individual and independent initiatives. 

Is it possible to visit the Hellema factory? 

Unfortunately, in order to guarantee the best quality for our products, it is not possible to organise tours at our factory. Ensuring hygiene and food safety in our factory is our top priority. If we let visitors into our factory on a regular basis, we might put this at risk.  

Where can I find allergen information on the packaging? 

On all the Hellema brands, information about allergens and any traces can be found at the back of the packaging.   

What are E-numbers and why are they in Hellema products? 

An E-number is a quality label that are assigned by the European committee to certain excipients that are necessary for the production of, for example, Hellema cookies. E-numbers are assigned to many different substances. For example, certain vitamins have an E-number, but the colouring agents from beets, carrots and substances like beeswax and lecithin also have an E-number. The colouring agents that are used to make Hellema cookies are all from natural sources.      

Waarom zijn de Buurman & Buurman aangepast naar Kluskoekjes? 

In Nederland is de reclamecode op het gebied van kinderlicenties aangepast, waardoor wij Buurman & Buurman niet meer mogen afbeelden op onze verpakking. Uiteraard willen wij wel onze trouwe klanten blijven bedienen met dit product, en hebben wij de verpakking aangepast naar “Kluskoekjes”. 

Are Hellema products also suitable for vegetarians and vegans? 

All Hellema products are suitable for vegetarians. Unfortunately, our products are not suitable for vegans, because of the use of milk (products) and eggs.  

Where can I buy the Hellema Dutch Spiced Cookies in a tin? 

You can buy our Hellema Dutch Spiced Cookies in a tin at Albert Heijn*, Kruidvat* and various souvenir shops, for example at Schiphol and the Zaanse schans. 

*Depending on distribution, unfortunately we cannot check this for every store. 

Waar kan ik terecht voor grotere bestellingen speculaas in blik? 

Mocht je voor relaties, kerstpakketten of andere doeleinden meer Speculaas-blikken willen bestellen, dan verwijzen wij je graag door naar de firma Krijt Moester. Telefoonnummer: +31 75 628 11 19, Webshop: www.krijtmoester.nl 

Where can I find more information about Hellema’s history?ema? 

Would you like to know more about Hellema’s history, from village bakery to hyper-modern international bakery? Read more on this page. 

How can I contact Hellema? 

If you have any questions, we refer you to our contact form so that we can make sure that your question ends up with the right person. 


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