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a Family Baking Tradition since 1861

Quality & Ambitions


Personal commitment

Hellema is a unique family business with more than 150 years' experience in baking the best cookies and developing successful brands such as Smoeltjes. The new (fifth) generation of Hellema is rediscovering delicious classic cookies and is developing new delicious cookies of today. What began in 1861 as a village bakery has now developed into an international cookie factory. Although the size increased through the years, the love of baking has stayed the same.  Our company has many employees who have been working for Hellema for many years and feel a personal commitment.

Continously improvement

At Hellema, we are continuously improving the quality of our products. All our products are baked with the utmost care. In the factory, work is carried out in accordance with legislation and regulations that apply within the EU. Our cookies must be safe to eat. Hygiene is therefore an important consideration during the production process, as well as the monitoring of raw materials and the logistics process. We adopt the HACCP system in order to achieve this. The HACCP system maps out the risks and describes the control measures. The authority (NVWA) monitors the presence of a HACCP system and compliance with the system. Hellema also possesses the highest level of BRC and IFS certificates. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an inspection protocol used by British retailers and includes requirements which suppliers must satisfy. The International Food Standard (IFS) is a standard in the area of food safety which was drawn up by the German sector organisation of food product distributors. The French retail sector organisation has subscribed to the IFS standard, as a result of which, and due to the fact that the IFS standard was developed on the basis of the BRC standard, the standard is also referred to as the German-French counterpart of BRC Food. These are regarded as the standards for the international food industry throughout the world. 


Sustainable entrepreneurship is another focus within Hellema. Since 2008, Hellema has only been using barn eggs.  Since the start of 2013, virtually all chocolate used by Hellema is UTZ-certified, which allows us to support the production of sustainable cocoa. We also buy sustainable palm oil (RSPO). International agreements have been reached by RSPO to aim to produce palm oil that is ultimately 100% sustainable. Waste within Hellema is strictly separated. Products that do not satisfy our quality requirements are sent to the animal fodder industry rather than being thrown away as waste. The reduction of waste is a continuous process. As many natural colourings, seasonings and flavourings as possible are also used within the process. All Smoeltjes products only contain natural colourings, seasonings and flavourings.