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a Family Baking Tradition since 1861

Our History

Pastry bakery, 1861

In the year when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the sixteenth President of the United States, the 23-year-old Andele Wiegers Hellema started a pastry bakery in Hallum, a village in the north of the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. It was 1861.

Family company

And now more than 150 years later they are still baking cookies in Hallum. And Hellema is still at leading the company that has been passed on from father to son ever since those early years. From Andele Wiegers to Jan Andeles, from Jan Andeles to Aedzer, from Aedzer to Jan Ymke, from Jan Ymke to the current three directors, Gerrit and Hille Hellema and brother-in-law Douwe de Vries.

150 years of innovation

The company has changed enormously over those 150 years. From peat fires to gas burners, from the traditional peel oven to the ultra-modern 100-metres conveyor belt, from sums on greasy baking paper to spreadsheets on the computer, from manually packed tins to full-automatic packets and boxes.

Technology has truly revolutionised the baking of cookies but the standards and values of the first Hellema generation of 1861 have been remained: baking with love results in motivated employees, delicious products and above all, satisfied customers.