For the hard workers

Hard at work? Toolbox cookies are your key to success. A short break, and back to work! The perfect inbetweener for every lunchbox. 


Toolbox cookies are packed in practical on-the-go packaging for two.  Each pack contains and assortment of fun images of tools, such as a hammer, wrench, saw and screwdriver and depicted on the packaging. Our toolbox cookies are available at nearly every supermarket! 

Toolbox Cookies is..
For youth and eldery For every lunchbox
On the go Packed to take with you
Findable You can find it in almost every supermarket

Hellema Hallum

Hellema have proudly been baking cookies for the whole family and every moment of the day for over 160 years. During this time, we have grown from a village bakery into an international, ultra-modern bakery. That’s why we are your ideal one-stop shop partner in the world of cookies, bars and bites!
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