Nature Bakes contains primarily wholefoods, such as nuts, fruit, oatmeal and honey. These ingredients are processed as little as possible and used in their most natural form. Because we trust nature, we believe that wholefoods are good for us. Because of their natural composition, the nutrients (protein, fat, fibres, vitamins and minerals) are perfectly balanced, which makes them extra nutritious. This way they are ideally absorbed by the body. 

  • Oven-roasted 
  • No added sugars 
  • Rich in fibre 
  • Source of protein 
  • Single packs 


Nature Bakes are available in two varieties: 

  1. Whole foods bars and bites; nuts, fruit, oatmeal and honey in a bar or bite.  
  2. Peanut, fruit & nut bars; nuts, fruit and peanuts in one bar without sugar, honey or syrup. 

Nature Bakes is..
Naturally Raw materials
For every moment Good as an inbetween or after the gym
Responsible No added sugers
Rich of vitamins Full with fruits and cereals
With a lot of fibers Source of fiber

Hellema Hallum

Hellema have proudly been baking cookies for the whole family and every moment of the day for over 160 years. During this time, we have grown from a village bakery into an international, ultra-modern bakery. That’s why we are your ideal one-stop shop partner in the world of cookies, bars and bites!