We prefer to enjoy our world full of cookies, bars, and bites for as long as possible. That is why we must continue to take good care of it. At Hellema, we do this, among other things, by using certified raw materials, packaging materials, and 740 solar panels on the roof of our ultramodern bakery.

Packaging materials

Packaging plays an important role in sustainability. That is why we have even developed a paper wrapper in addition to cardboard packaging!

Sustainable raw materials

Every product starts with a good idea, but raw materials form the basis of the product. We purchase sustainable palm oil (RSPO). RSPO has made international agreements to strive for palm oil production that is ultimately sustainable in its entirety. In addition, our chocolate and hazelnuts are UTZ certified, which means that we encourage the production of sustainable cocoa.

Solar panels

With 740 solar panels, we save the work of no less than 60 trees every year. Everything for the perfect world full of cookies, bars, and bites!

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